A physician's program for health

Individualized program to help you meet your health and wellness goals.

We track your effort and results and hold you accountable to ensure progress.

Become part of the community and participate in challenges and events.

Concierge availability without the concierge price.


A physician's program for health


Individualized program to help you meet your health and wellness goals.

We track your effort and results holding you accountable to ensure progress and outcomes.

Become part of the community and participate in challenges, events, and trips.

Concierge attention and availability without the concierge price or coddling.

We prescribe exercise, nutrition, sleep, and techniques for mental wellbeing as our first priority. We track each patient within our community to ensure accountability and we reward healthy behavior.


A different approach

Our practice does not believe any medical condition defines you. We will work with you to overcome unproductive thought patterns, such as self-limiting and maladaptive beliefs.


We recognize the failure of the current medical system and believe it is time to change the incentives and use evidence based techniques to promote healthy behavior instead of relying strictly on prescription medications. Our practice focuses first on the five pillars of health: fitness, community, nutrition, rest, and play.

We do not strive for perfection but we do demand progress and a productive attitude from every member of our community and will lead by example by participating in the programs with you.












How it works

Membership is purposefully limited and the program demands commitment. We require an initial consultation interview prior to admission to ensure the program is a good fit.


The initial membership fee of $200 (HSA eligible) includes an initial medical consultation and detailed interview to develop your plan. Then we set you up and start tracking your health for the first month.


Your ongoing monthly membership fee is $100 if you maintain the health behavior compliance targets.

Simple appointments for medication refills are $50 for members. Normal medical consultations are $100.


Getting started is easy and risk-free 

Meet our community physician

Dr. Kevin Pacheco, DO graduated top in his class and was a Chief Resident in his program. He was making a few hundred dollars an hour in a Los Angeles emergency department but realized after 5 years that he didn't believe in what he was doing. He opted to shift all his focus to truly improving health and preventing disease rather than providing "band-aid" medicine and "sick" care.


He believes that strategies such as intermittent fasting, anti-inflammatory diets, and cognitive behavioral therapy are adjuncts that decrease the current over-reliance on conventional treatment. He also believes in living by example and will be participating in challenges and friendly competitions beside you.


He will not prescribe opioids, benzodiazepines, or other controlled substances.

Why it works

We are utilizing known strategies to promote healthy behavior, such as loss aversion and social proof.

Knowing that you will have to pay for your non-compliance and could be removed from our practice increases your chances of adherence. Social proof is strongest if the individuals in our community are dedicated to a shared mission that provides a positive influence.


Tracking your progress and having an outcome-based mindset ensures you become healthier.


Our current partners and discounted products

We will continue to seek affiliate discounts and pass 100% of the savings onto our community.

Our mission

Our mission is to make you healthy and then find ways to reward you for your healthy behavior. We are starting by providing discounts with partnering companies and we hope to leverage our outcome data to negotiate additional savings in the future, such as discounted health insurance premiums.


Our long-term plan is to lobby for HSA coverage of fitness memberships, health tracking wearables, and other technologies used in this program. While it is an obvious sign of the backwards incentives within the conventional healthcare system that they are not currently covered, physicians share the responsibility for not having prescribed these interventions.

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