Why Our Team Chose Fitbit's Versa 2

By Viviana Resendez

If you look at most peoples’ wrists, you’ll almost always find a smart watch of some sort connecting them to their social, professional, and personal lives. Smart watches are great for tracking text messages, emails, phone calls and have a multitude of other features. But if you’re like the team at Beyond Practice, you’re probably looking for something that does more.

The Fitbit Versa 2 was a winner for a variety of reasons; the biggest being its focus on fitness and health, as well as daily life applications. Unlike the Apple Watch, the Versa 2 offers Real-Time Pace and Distance GPS, On-Screen Workouts, Sleep Tracking and Pulse Oximetry, 24/7 Heart Rate Tracking, connection/control of Spotify, and up to a 7-Day Battery Life.

On top of the additional features, the Versa 2 carries tracking abilities which exceed the accuracy of the Apple Watch. Whether you’re running, swimming, biking or doing cross fit, this watch can track it all.

Like the Apple Watch, the Versa 2 also has downloadable apps, and shows texts, calls, and email notifications. It even comes with a convenient Fit Pay feature that allows you to scan a payment over a card reader.

The pricing isn’t too bad either. The Versa 2 retails for under $200, which is half the price of the latest Apple Watch, and over $100 less than Garmin's Vivoactive 4.

If these features are of value to you, just as they are to our members at Beyond Practice, then this feature-packed Fitbit is the right choice for you!

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